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Tommie Copper Compression Gear Review

Jenny‘s Review

If there’s a product out there claiming to aid in my recovery, I’m listening. I had the pleasure of trying Tommie Copper’s compression shirt ,  calf sleeves, and full finger gloves.

I’ll start with the compression top. My first thought was, “Wow, this fits really nicely!”. I wore it for a 10 mile treadmill run and don’t remember having any issues with it. It was snug but not too tight, yet still breathable. Upon the second wear, I was running a 30k trail race and I noticed that it rode up on my midriff–ended up with a bunch of belly race photos! I *think* that may have been due to the bib number pinned to the front and need to wear it another couple times to make sure.

During the race, I also wore the compression calf sleeves.  Now, I would consider myself petite and didn’t realize I had thunder calves  until I measured them and referenced Tommie Copper’s size chart.  According to their site, I needed a Medium.    They definitely give an element of compression but I’m wondering if a Small would’ve been more therapeutic.  My only concern sizing down would be that the top band be too constricting.    I’ve worn them several times since for recovery and they are very comfortable.

I seem to be plagued with cold hands all.winter.long.  The full finger gloves were very lightweight, giving just a slight barrier between the elements and not quite snug enough to be compression.  They’re more of a base layer and/or mild weather glove than fall/winter.

Their gear is nice–quality products that I could easily recommend.   I’m not necessarily convinced of the therapeutic properties of copper stranding BUT, I will say that compression has been a huge part of my recovery.  After a particularly intense run or big miles, I always pop on some calf sleeves.  I don’t know if it’s scientific or in my head but my recoveries always seem much quicker when I’ve remembered to gear up post run.

Thomas’ Review

I use compression sleeves when running. There is a lot of debate on whether or not compression gear is beneficial while running. I have had to trust my own feelings. My legs feel better when I use compression calf sleeves on long runs. Almost everyone agrees that the proper amount of compression aids muscle recovery after the run. However you feel about it, it will only help if the sleeve stays in place over the intended muscle group. I have had socks and sleeves that have needed constant adjusting to keep in the desired location on my calves. My favorite feature in the Tommie Copper sleeves is the thin beading of tacky rubber on the inside of the elastic. The rubber kept the sleeves in the right spot.

The difference between Tommie Copper’s compression gear and other manufacturer’s compression products, is the use of copper in the fibers. Tommie Copper calls it “Therapeutic Copper Compression.” Medical studies support the positive affects of copper as a beneficial mineral. We get most of what we need from our diets. There is little information out there about wearing copper, most articles are about wearing bracelets. Copper surfaces are being used in hospitals to limit bacteria growth. If the copper in the sleeves doesn’t help with improved blood flow at least it will inhibit bacteria growth. It might have been a placebo effect, however, my legs felt pretty darn good when I had the sleeves on. Hmmm, maybe copper can work magic.

I also used the knee sleeves and the shirt. The shirt is a snug fit, nothing stood out from other compression shirts I have worn. The copper may help with odor.

After the last marathon my knees were a little achy and I was happy to try out the knee sleeves. I wore them during runs with good results. I am not used to having anything on my knees and was very aware of the elastic cuffs. They were not uncomfortable, but I could feel them.

Overall, the Tommie Copper products are good quality compression gear. With the added benefit of the copper fibers how can you go wrong?

Tommie Copper provided both reviewers with product to review.


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  1. Sherri says:

    I just got my very first compression anything. A t-shirt from Tommy Copper. I love it. I was in excruciating pain when ever I would lift my arms up, to curl my hair or put on a shirt or jacket…or even shrug my shoulders..I wanted to cry.
    I received the t-shirt and put on right away. After a few minutes I could lift my arms straight up no problem except for pain…not as bad though. After a few hours, I could not only lift my arms straight up with no pain at all, but I could lift and do windmills and whatever I wanted with little to no pain!
    I suffer from Fibro and Osteoarthritis, so I got the shorts too, to see if it would help my lower back.  I slept in the shirt and shorts and in the morning I still felt the same, except the intense, want to make you cry pain, was gone. I'm sold. Compression or copper or both, Hallelujah!!
    Will definitely be getting more!

  2. Ron Zrodlo says:

    Well let’s start off with a few facts. I am a senior. I am not an athlete. I have two bad knees, one with a torn meniscus I never had repaired and one that is probably the same thing but I never had a scan. I was told I have arthritis (but all of us get told that). Finally, I am a huge skeptic on any of this type of product.

    With that in mind I did order one Tommie Copper knee sleeve under the urging of my wife who wanted the gloves. Maybe it is just the compression factor, I still do not buy it is the copper, but I will say the pain is really a lot less when I walk. Which ever knee I choose for the day, the pain seems to subside while the other knee goes back to the normal pain. I think this product is made very well and it is so light weight you really can wear it and forget sometimes it is even on. I have a couple of knee braces I have bought and those just can’t be worn for a long time but I can wear the TC sleeve all day long. I think the price is pretty comparable to other products of the same type so needless to say I have ordered a second one so I can wear two.

    1. Ron, I am glad you are getting some relief.

  3. Heyy there! I’ve been following your blog for some time now and finally got thhe bravery to goo ahead and give you a shout out from
    Humble Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!

  4. Igor says:

    Just ordered compression gloves. Hope they will help with pains in hands.

  5. Ida Reed says:

    Hi, I have pain in the shoulder area.This pain aches like a toothache and wakes me up out of my sleep.Which tommie cooper wear do you perfer for me to use.

    1. Not sure on this one. If you think Tommie Copper will help get one that covers your shoulder like a shirt maybe.

  6. Stephen Ryan says:

    Tommie Copper gloves as seen on TV and in advertisements, work as intended as they come with excellent features at a reasonable price. So, where to buy Tommie Copper gloves? The good news is that we can either pay a quick visit to local retailers or do online shopping to get our desired pair with ease.

  7. Stephen Ryan says:

    This could be the easiest way which is very admirable and brave for a person like me.

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