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Apparel • November 10, 2021

Iffley Road Fall 2021 Apparel Review

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BRANDON: Iffley Road, it’s the Tracksmith running products of England. The company invites you in with impressive marketing and even more impressive products, only to hit you with a somewhat aggressive price tag for their products. But here’s the thing, nothing is free in the world, and sometimes paying more for high-end products can be totally worth it.

This grassroots company was started by a husband and wife who met through running. Shortly after the 2012 London Olympics, the couple ditched their safe paying full-time jobs and thus began Iffley Road in search of curating the best running threads on the market. So, do the products live up to the hype? I’m here to break it all down for you.

JARRETT: As this is my third time reviewing Iffley Road gear, I’ve come to expect a certain level of quality from the brand hailing across the pond in England. Iffley Road is a boutique apparel brand that’s the product of a husband and wife team whose attention to detail is apparent. Go grab some fish and chips and read on to find out why we’re chuffed to bits about Iffley Road.

NOTE: While some of these pieces may be best suited to the ever-grey (with an “E”) roads of England, we think you could pull them off just about anywhere.

Durham Lightweight T-Shirt

Brandon wearing the Iffley Road fall t-shirt

BRANDON: Most, if not all, Iffley Road fall apparel is beautiful in design, and this product is no different. The simple yet elegant design of the two stripes running across the tee gives it the genuine UK feel. The tee is exceptionally lightweight and breathable. This product’s material is called Ice-Cafe fabric, which is made up of recycled coffee grounds.

My only complaint is that the shirt isn’t fitted and has a looser feel. This is more of a personal concern, since I like a tighter fit when going for runs. However, if you’re someone who wants a more relaxed fit, this shirt is definitely for you. I would love to see a long sleeve version of this product. But, with all of that being said, this t-shirt will set you back $95, and to be honest, I can’t justify spending that kind of money on a running top.

JARRETT: Iffley Road nailed down the style of the Durham t-shirt. There’s no denying that the horizontal stripes are clean and classic. While wearing the Durham on my morning runs, I noticed three things: This shirt is light, I never overheated, and the bonded seams could be dangerous.

Iffley Road advertises the weight of the Durham in a medium at just 90g (or 3.17oz.). That’s nothing! For the weight being almost non-existent, the Durham feels nice and strong. The open mesh Ice-Cafe fabric is supposed to cool down the skin’s temperature by binding the warmth and dissipating it rapidly. I was never excessively sweaty. In fact, I felt cool even with the sun beating down. Not only is the fabric made from 100% recycled polyester, but it also incorporates recycled coffee grounds to improve moisture-wicking and odor control. Now I’m tempted to rub my used morning coffee grinds all over my wardrobe…

My only concern is with the bonded seams in the chest area being right around nip height. However, I use a tiny bit of tape to prevent chafing on my runs (no one wants to end up like Andy after the Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure), so it never affected me. As for sizing, my medium fits me perfectly.

The Durham t-shirt is no doubt a go-to shirt. This is performance apparel to the highest degree.

PRICE: £75/$95

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Seaford 8-inch Shorts

Jarrett wearing the Iffley Road fall shorts

JARRETT: The Seaford shorts are made from an Italian tech fabric that’s a 88% recycled Polyester/12% Elastine blend. The result is a soft and comfortable material that has a slight stretch to it. On the waistband, the front is flat, while only the back is elastic. My medium fits me great in the waist and legs.

A lot of true running shorts only have a small back pocket and forgo the traditional side pockets. Iffley Road, deciding to go with side pockets and the back zipper pocket, makes the Seaford shorts much more versatile for things like going to the gym to lift or wearing casually out and about. My iPhone 13 Pro doesn’t fit in the zippered back pocket, but I did stash my mask and house key with no problem. I love the tri-stripe detailing on each leg split.

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It seems like the longer we run, the shorter our shorts get, which is why I was hesitant about these 8″ shorts. For me, 5″ is my Goldilocks. However, once on, the Seaford shorts feel great. If I didn’t know the measurements, I probably would have guessed they were 6″. Not only are they a good length for running, but they are also socially acceptable to wear out in public and not freak anyone out with massive thigh skin showing. If you’re looking for that one pair of shorts that can be used for anything, check out the Seaford shorts.

PRICE: £81/$115

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Windsor Running Tights

Brandon running on a trail

BRANDON: There’s nothing better than a nice pair of running tights, especially in the Iffley Road fall collection. In a larger running clothes context, I’m team tights if I had to pick between sweatpants and running tights. So I was excited to try these on when receiving them in the mail, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

The Windsor Running Tights came in a smart-looking dark navy blue and offered enough stretch and flexibility around the entire length of the hip and leg. There is a single zip pocket on the back for Gu’s or Gels, but it’s also big enough to store a phone. The tights also offer an internal drawcord around the waist, designed for an even more precise fit. However, I didn’t find myself needing to use this very often, but it’s always nice to have. Down from the calf to the ankle is a zip system for easy on and off access. My only complaint was that the bottom cuff of the tights is pretty tight around the ankle area.

Coming in around $135, these tights are breathable, stretchy, and lightweight while still doing a pretty good job insulating heat and keeping you warm on those cooler days. This is a product that I will continue to grab throughout the winter season.

PRICE: £110/$135

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Richmond Hooded Waterproof Jacket

Jarrett wearing the Iffley Road fall waterproof jacket

JARRETT: The Richmond jacket is a water and windproof beast. The jacket is a triple-layer softshell that includes a bonded wool liner. I loved wearing it out casually, but running in it at 50 degrees was too warm. When we randomly got some low 30s in Baltimore, the jacket was perfect, and I’m looking forward to fighting the winter elements in it. Inside the jacket, the seams are fully taped for complete waterproofing. I almost wish it would rain more because I felt prepared and bone dry while wearing it out in a rainstorm.

I’m a sucker for details, and that’s precisely what you get with the Richmond jacket. The back has reflective piping going down the seams, and there are three ventilation holes on each underarm. The hood has a good fit that doesn’t consume your peripherals. Size-wise, I went with a large because that’s what I went with when I previously reviewed the Marlow Lightweight Waterproof jacket. The Richmond jacket seems to run a touch larger, and I could have gone with a medium for a better fit. While the Marlow jacket works better as a light Spring or Fall jacket, the Richmond is a step up for more extreme weather and quality.

PRICE: £225/$315

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Hove Drirelease Long Sleeve

Brandon wearing the Iffley Road fall long sleeve

BRANDON: What’s better than a short sleeve? A long sleeve. The Hove Drirelease Long Sleeve is the perfect Iffley Road fall running top. It comprises a soft, durable micro-blend and highly wicking fabric that dries 4x faster than ordinary cotton. The Hove has more of a slim-fit cut, which I seem to like. One of my favorite features is the hidden mini zip pocket that is big enough to hold a gel or even just a house key.

Not planning to run in it? No problem. This stylish long sleeve is suitable to wear out when hanging with friends or to throw on post-run on colder days. Whatever you decide to buy it for, there will be a use for it. You can get this top for around $115.

PRICE: £91/$115

Shop Iffley Road

Thorpe Merino Half Zip

Brandon wearing the Iffley Road fall half-zip

BRANDON: Moving along to my favorite item in the gear drop, the Thorpe Merino Half Zip. Made up of %100 Italian Merino Wool, this warm and breathable running top can be worn multiple times over without washing due to its antimicrobial benefits. This top is perfect for the 8 am run and the 9:30 brunch you didn’t have the time to shower for. With its odor-resistant properties, you’ll be smelling good all day long.

The product features well-crafted thumbholes that offer extra warmth and protection to your wrists and hands during colder temps. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also ethically sustainable and made up of EMAS-certified wool. This is a must-have product I will be picking up before leaving the house each day. However, nice things come with a hefty price. $210 later, and this Thorpe Merino Half Zip can be yours for whatever situation you might need it for.

PRICE: £150/$210

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