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Training • April 13, 2023

Evans Chebet’s Strategy Going Into the 2023 Boston Marathon

evans chebet winning the boston marathon with arms raised in a white adidas singlet

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What You Need To Know

Who We're Talking To

Evans Chebet, Adidas Pro Marathoner

What He's Done

Winner of the 2022 Boston Marathon, looking to defend his title in 2023

What He's Racing In

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 ($250)

Three Stripes For Boston

The world’s most prestigious running race is happening in just a few days as 30,000 runners make the one-way journey from Hopkinton to Boston for the 2023 Boston Marathon. If there’s anyone knows how to run the race, it’s 2022 champion Evans Chebet, Adidas Pro marathoner who followed up that accomplishment with a 2022 New York City Marathon win. In short, he’s at the top of his game and looking to have another crown of olive branches placed upon his head.

That said, the competition will be stiff as he’ll be going head-to-head with arguably the greatest marathoner of all time in Eliud Kipchoge. However, experience does count for something, and with a DNF in 2018 and a rebound win in 2022, Chebet knows a thing or two about conquering the course.

To get some insight into his training and strategy for Boston, we asked him a few questions in the lead-up to this year’s race. We hope you enjoy the conversation below.

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Evans Chebet On The Boston Marathon

BITR: You posted a DNF at the Boston Marathon in 2018; four years later you won the race. What did you learn from your experience in 2018 that helped you win in 2022? 

CHEBET: After having to drop out in 2018 due to weather conditions, I was determined to come back to Boston and compete to the best of my abilities. Running is a sport full of highs and lows and I didn’t let my disappointment in 2018 defeat me – it spurred me on to come back stronger and show the world what I can do. With every race, I learn more and evolve as an athlete, whether it’s a winning result or not what I had hoped for.  

BITR: Since your first marathon in 2012, you’ve podiumed in 75% of your races, including 5 wins out of your last 6 marathon starts. How do you consistently remain healthy and able to perform at such a high level? 

CHEBET: Over the last few years, I’ve started to learn what the true priorities are and what’s really needed to perform well, as well as what is best to leave out of your life and training. For an athlete competing at the highest level, everything becomes important. This includes peace of mind with your personal and family life and learning from your mistakes. Additionally, adidas has provided me with some great products like the Adizero Adios Pro 3 and continues to develop footwear that helps me in all aspects of my races and training. My lifestyle changes and product choices have helped keep my body healthy and able to race at a high level, resulting in stronger performances year over year.  

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 in undyed colorway

BITR: You’ve run in some big races on some big stages; how does the energy and history of Boston compare to other races? 

CHEBET: Boston will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first world marathon major I won. It’s an iconic event – the route through the city is unique and it’s one of the most exciting major races I’ve been a part of. The course is so well-supported the whole way and the crowds bring so much energy – you can tell the marathon is special to the people in this city. There is so much history in the streets here.  

BITR: In 2022, you used the downhill at mile 22 to separate yourself from the pack. Clearly you had some energy even after the Newton Hills, what was your mindset as you ran the hills with a pack of runners around you? 

CHEBET: I know that I’m strong over the hills, so I felt like I was using less energy than the runners around me. They were all breathing pretty hard to keep up the pace, so I kept my composure and bid my time over the Newton Hills, before making my big move at mile 22. I could tell the pack wanted to slow down after the hard hilly section, so that’s when I decided to push on. I went with my gut, and it paid off. 

BITR: What’s it like to come down Boylston with nobody in front of you? 

CHEBET: When you can see the finish line and you’re in the lead, it’s easy to get carried away but you can’t lose focus. Other runners could be finishing fast behind you, so you just have to keep going and maintain your form. The crowds are roaring around you, getting louder and louder as you come down Boylston Street – it’s an incredible feeling. It would be amazing to experience that again. 

BITR: How do you celebrate after winning a major marathon? 

CHEBET: After winning a major marathon, I spend a bit of down time with my family and friends back home in Kenya, but often can’t celebrate for too long as there’s always another race on the horizon. For example, after winning Boston last year, I didn’t have long before starting my training block for the New York City Marathon. If I win Boston again this year, I’ll allow myself to really enjoy the moment. 

BITR: Your sponsor, Adidas, is the official footwear and apparel sponsor of the Boston Marathon. How does it feel to represent them at their title race? 

CHEBET: I’m honored to partner with adidas – their belief in and support of me allows me to compete at the level I do. Getting to be part of the product testing process means I can shape the design, so my shoes feel like they’re personally made for me. Representing them at the Boston Marathon reminds me how grateful I am for them. I always love to win, but winning an adidas title race is even better and I hope to do it again this year. 

BITR: What Adidas shoes have you been training in for Boston and what will you be wearing on race day? 

CHEBET: I’ve been training in a mixture of the Adizero SL, Adizero Boston 11, Adizero Takumi Sen 9 and Adizero Adios Pro 3 in the lead up to Boston, using the different shoes to suit my various training needs. I wear the SL for my easy-paced runs, the Boston for speedy intervals and tempo workouts, the Takumi Sen 9 for tempo runs and the Adios Pro 3 for my long runs at race pace. On race day, I will be wearing the Adizero Adios Pro 3 – they are my go-to race shoe. 

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