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General Running • September 16, 2013

Customer Service Shout Out

gcsBelieve in the Run regular contributor Stein wanted to thank a couple companies in a post. Here it goes:

This is an unsolicited note of gratitude offered to a couple stellar gear companies. Sometimes a company demonstrates such kindness that they deserve to be recognized. Generally all companies strive to please but these have reminded us that it really is the thought that counts. Profits aside, these companies are doing the right thing.

I want to recognize RoadID. I purchased the RoadID Wrist ID Elite in June 2010 for peace of mind. As I trained for the Baltimore Marathon in 2010 and began to take running seriously, the dangers of the road quickly became apparent. Of course there are careless motorists but there is also simple fatigue; who knows what could happen during a two or three hour training run. After a couple months of running, I heard of RoadId and their mantra is “in the event of an accident, if you can’t speak for yourself, your Road ID will.” Simply put, this is exactly what I needed to minimize the safety concerns built into road racing and the requisite training. Since this time, the RoadID bracelet has been a fixture on my wrist. The bracelet has a custom engraving with my name and some contact information for my wife and a couple other emergency contacts, but you can put anything you want on the stainless steel badge. I have been careful and fortunate but there are ample stories of the RoadID bracelet helping an injured athlete get the care and attention they need. In September 2010 I received a email from RoadID offering a free clasp repair kit for people who experienced a “popping open” problem. I wasn’t having any issues at the time and ignored the email but in March of 2011 the “popping open” problem started for me and the company quickly sent out the repair kit. It worked great. Then in January 2012 the plastic band broke and the company sent me a replacement. In June 2013 the band broke again, and again the company promptly sent a replacement. However this time I goofed up and cut the band too short! With no questions asked they sent me another one, even after I offered to pay for my mistake. Frankly, I cannot blame quality control for the band breakages; I wear this thing every day all day, including all training and racing efforts. This experience has prompted me to give Edward Wimmer, Kelly Ashby and the entire RoadID crew a big Thank You! I am impressed by your customer service and really appreciate your product line and mission. Thank you RoadID!

I want to recognize Garmin. While I’m sure Garmin has always tried to be the best, I feel they have demonstrated fantastic customer service. As with the RoadID, I purchased the Garmin 310XT in 2010 with the specific purpose of a training tool. This device has delivered and been perhaps my most important and significant training tool. Originally purchased to simplify and clarify my mileage and routes, the GPS functionality of my Garmin watch has proved invaluable for “simple” after-run mapping of runs as well as specific programmed workouts including intervals, progressions, recovery times; you name it. In addition the 310XT offers multi-sport capabilities for biking and swimming. In any case, the watch band broke after two years of use so I replaced it with a cheap $10 band from a local watch shop. Then in the summer of 2013 I took a major spill in Fells Point, Baltimore and cracked the watch face. It was a epic crash caused by lazy feet hitting a little piece of metal in the ground. After some good laughs the watch continued to work but would fog up during particularly hot/humid runs or if it rained. I was resigned to the hobbled watch for a couple months then the replacement band broke. I had been posting little epithets about my watch-woes to twitter and facebook for weeks and when I posted a picture of the smashed up watch, someone at Garmin noticed and offered to “help me out”. After a quick email exchange, Garmin offered to repair or replace my 310XT even though it was over two years outside the official factory warranty. Less than two weeks later I am running with a replacement watch. Thank you Garmin!

Editor’s note: I would add Yakima and Tailwind Nutrition to this thank you. Both companies offer above average customer service.


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  1. Pete says:

    I’ve had several similarly-wonderful experiences with Garmin support. That’s why I won’t even look at any other brand.

  2. chris says:

    Tailwind is exceptional in their outreach to customers. Love them!

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