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General Running • September 10, 2018

An Interview with American Long Distance Runner Camille Herron

We first came into contact with Camille in a group on Facebook. It didn’t take long to be WOWed with Camille’s dedication to training and general love for the sport. If you aren’t familiar with the Nike sponsored athlete here is a quick snapshot.

Camille Herron is an American long-distance runner from Oklahoma City, OK. She is a three-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, 21-time marathon winner, Guinness World Record holder for the fastest marathon in a Superhero costume, and aiming to become the first woman to win a marathon in all 50 US States.

One of our favorite stories about Camille happened earlier this year. She planned to fly from Houston to New York for a race on Sunday. After wintry weather in the northeast delayed her flight, Herron found herself toeing the line of The Woodlands Marathon. She spontaneously jumped into the marathon and won it. After reading her answers to the questions below we love her more than ever.

BITR: What are your running goals?
Camille: To win all the big ultra race-Western States, UTMB, Leadville and be one of the best [runners] ever.

BITR: What is your average training week?
Camille: Usually 120-35 miles a week.

BITR: Are you an omnivore?
Yes, every day.  I’m a meat and potatoes gal from Oklahoma.
BITR: Very refreshing. It sometimes feels like everyone is going vegan.

BITR: Do you drink alcohol?
Camille: Yes.
BITR: Awesome! As a social drinker, it is always nice to know you don’t have to give up everything to reach your best performance.

BITR: What is your favorite treat/cheat?
A good steak mid week, ice cream every day and burger/fries/beer after a race.
BITR: We love ice cream too.

BITR: What is your favorite song?
Camille: The song played at the start of Comrades “Shosholoza“.
BITR: I can dig it, kinda has a “Lion King” vibe.

BITR: Here comes a softball… What is your favorite running shoe?
Camille: Nike Vaporfly 4% I broke the 100-mile world record in them!
BITR: Best.Shoe.Ever.

BITR: Shorts?
Camille: Nike Trail Performance

BITR: Sports Bra?
Camille: Nike Classic Swoosh Fit

BITR: Shirt/singlet?
Camille: Nike Swoosh Singlet

BITR: Socks?
Camille: Nike Elite Performance

BITR: Favorite place to run?
Camille: Cliffs of Moher Ireland

Camille Herron

BITR: What would your coach say is your biggest strength?
He would say I never quit.

BITR: What would you say is your biggest strength?
Camille: My mental strength and belief in myself.

BITR: What are some of your favorite running career highlights?
Camille: Two world titles at 50k, 100k, world records at 50 miles, 100 miles, 12 hours, Comrades Champion.

BITR: As a two-time first place finisher of the Woodlands Marathon, do you still feel the magic and burn to win?
Camille: Absolutely, Everyday!!
BITR: Rock on!

BITR: Can you describe the feel of The Woodlands event?
Camille: A great event that is family and community oriented.

BITR: What is The Woodlands course like?
Flat, fast, and very fan-friendly!

BITR: As a running coach, is this a race you would recommend for your athletes trying to BQ?
Camille: Absolutely.

BITR: How can runners that want to improve their performance contact you for coaching?

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