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Rabbit Waffle Collection Winter 2022 Apparel Review

What You Need To Know

  • Ready for chilly miles or just chillin’
  • If you can’t eat ’em (the waffles, that is), join ’em
  • Available now from the Rabbit website

TAYLOR: Winter weather is still here for a while. So, Rabbit is bringing the heat with their new Waffle collection. There’s still a lot of cool weather coming., so I’d snag one or all of these items to get you through the season in comfort and style.

ALEX: The Rabbit Waffle line is the perfect mix of pieces for before, during, and after-run winter activity. I appreciate that more brands include pre and post-run items to add to their performance lines. The first thing that drew me to Rabbit, and keeps me wanting more, is their super soft materials. Rabbit fans will not be disappointed by this lineup — they just keep getting better!

Snap To It (LS)

rabbit snap to it

TAYLOR: The Snap To It Long Sleeve has been a go-to in this winter-spring concoction of weather. It’s a simple, thick layer of rabbitWAFFLE fleece. As a henley, it’s more of a relaxed fit and style than a performance cut. However, it still brings the comfort you’d expect from Rabbit — supremely soft, breathable, and flexible.

Personally, the Snap To It LS has been my pre and post-run garment for around the house because of its relaxed comfort. Sure it’s a runnable garment, but it’s a baggier fit than Rabbit’s norm. There’s some extra bounce in the lower half when running with it as a single layer. If it was an underlayer, no problems.

Even though the Snap To It can find itself out in the wilderness with you ticking off miles, I think it’s a little more ready for relaxing with a cup of coffee. Fine by me.

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ALEX: Pair this Rabbit Waffle piece with the Rest Day Jogger, and you’ll want to turn more days into rest days. This versatile henley fits perfectly with a slightly relaxed, stretchy fit. It’s a great post-run top and can serve as a solid base layer over the Cold Front Top for some added warmth.

PRICE: $60

Shop Snap To It – Men Shop Snap To It – Women

Run & Chill Hoodie

rabbit run and chill hoodie

TAYLOR: Even more so than the Snap To It LS, the Run & Chill hoodie has become like my new pet. It goes everywhere with me. Wake up in the morning, throw it on for comfort. Warming up for a run, I keep it on to get ready. If it’s darn chilly out, it just stays the course and comes out with me. My day job, singletrack, church, this thing will go everywhere and perform however you need it to.

Run & Chill is the perfect name because it can easily cross over from day-to-day life into running. Thanks to the rabbitWAFFLE construction, the hoodie is thick but still comfortable and stylish. The longer, thicker pull strings also remind me of the motherland (Minnesota) because all hockey-style hoodies have a solid pair. It’s a weird personal thing, but I like it. The strings also happened to be the only negative while on the run, but they tucked into the collar and stayed put.

I also appreciate the longer torso to fully cover the hip region. The fit is slim enough so that you can hike it up to sit atop your hips too. The slim fit makes this garment such a runnable one. It moves with the body really well while providing breathable (for a sweatshirt) and comfortable performance.

If you see a guy all over town and the mountains who looks to be wearing the same thing day in and day out, don’t worry. It’s just me never taking off this hoodie.

ALEX: The Run and Chill Hoodie is my favorite piece in the winter lineup. With the rabbitWAFFLE fleece lining, relaxed fit, and cuffs with thumbholes, this is the piece I’ve been spending most of my time in. It’s a great length to provide coverage and is super soft and warm. It’s the perfect weight to transition effortlessly across seasons and is not bulky like many hoodies, making it a great travel companion.

PRICE: $70

Shop Run & Chill – Men Shop Run & Chill – Women

Re-Run (LS)

rabbit rerun

TAYLOR: Comfort is always expected when something from Rabbit shows up at the door, especially from the Rabbit Waffle collection. Most garments perform to a high level, too. I haven’t found one that brings such high levels of comfort and performance as the Re-Run LS, though. As of writing this, I’m sure I can say that the Re-Run is my favorite shirt from any brand to date.

You’ve got me at wool. Roughly a third of this shirt’s fibers are rabbitWOOL (Polartec Power Wool), a merino-based fabric. Benefits like temperature and odor regulation are noticeable in the Re-Run, especially compared to the EZ fabric, which focuses mainly on the next-to-skin feel. This garment gets those perks, too, because the other two-thirds of the recipe is basically the EZ fabric. Weave those two together and what do you get? A straight-up powerhouse of a shirt that performs well, feels so good, and looks stellar. I L-O-V-E it.

Editor’s note: Assistant Editor Ryan checking in to say that there is no hyperbole in this review. I bought a Re-Run LS on my own, and it really is fantastic.

PRICE: $85

Shop Re-Run – Men

Pocket Tightz Fleece

rabbit tightz fleece

TAYLOR: Tights are almost a year-round thing in my neck of the woods. Even summer mornings can dip into the 30s, so I appreciate a versatile and comfortable pair. The Pocket Tigthz Fleece are just that.

Overall, the fit is light on the skin. They’re skin-tight without squeezing your — well, anywhere too tightly. The outer polyester and spandex blend moves along with the body so naturally. A flat waistband has been a slight change in the running industry but makes a big difference in comfort. Everything about the fit just works — even for someone who has a plus-size lower body as I do. It should be noted that I typically wear medium bottoms, but these tights fit better as a large.

Pockets are in the name. Pockets are what you get. All are very functional to put a pair of gloves, gels, keys, full phone, and more. I even stuffed a light jacket in the rear pocket. As a trail runner, I typically wear a belt to hold some of my goods. If I’m wearing the Pocket Tightz, the belt just isn’t necessary. Everything fits comfortably.

As for the inner layer of fleece, it’s like a little kitten plucked its hairs for your benefit. It’s soft and comforting. As for warmth, I feel like the fleece added a degree more comfort but not much. The material isn’t windproof and is thin. So, these tights may only be your go-to if the temperature is around freezing or higher. Save yourself the pain of attempting anything under that temperature with these.

Editor’s note: It’s Ryan, back again. The Pocket Tightz are excellent, too. However, you can absolutely take them below freezing. Maybe not on the windiest days, but I’ve worn them as low as about 10 degrees without issue.

PRICE: $115

Shop Pocket Tightz Fleece – Men

Cold Front Top

rabbit cold front

ALEX: The Cold Front Top is a fitted, compression long-sleeve top that can be layered or used on its own. The reflective seams are a welcome added touch for those dark morning or evening winter runs.

The inside of this top is ridiculously soft and smooth and feels great next to the skin. I’m not a huge fan of compression fit tops, so I’d size up for this one, which wouldn’t alter the performance at all. Sometimes I get a little claustrophobic in multiple layers, and tight ones make it worse.

This top is super comfortable and warm and, on its own, will work great for cool spring mornings and, when layered, will keep you warm down into the single digits.

PRICE: $65

Shop Cold Front – Women

Versatights Fleece

rabbit versatights

ALEX: The Versatights are a winterized version of a Rabbit fan-favorite. I really appreciate the wide waistband and ankle length. The fleece lining is super soft, comfortable, and warm without bulkiness. Two large side hip pockets are large enough for a phone, and the back zip pocket is perfect for a key or credit card. They’re great on their own or can serve as a warm base layer for the frigid days.

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PRICE: $105

Shop Versatights – Women

Rest Days Jogger

rabbit rest days jogger

ALEX: The Rest Days Jogger is the last part of the Rabbit Waffle collection. It features three pockets, including one secured zippered pocket. The jogger is cropped and feels a little short, so I’d size up if you want a more relaxed fit in these. The rabbitWAFFLE, TENCEL, and spandex blend gives them a comfortable feel for performance or lounging.

PRICE: $85

Shop Rest Days Jogger – Men Shop Rest Days Jogger – Women

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