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July 1 - July 6

Summer Grit 2023

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July 1 - July 6


GRIT is a Distance Project from Believe in the Run.

  • This event has passed.



BREAKING: Local eyewitnesses have just reported a sighting of Summer GRIT, a burning-hot run challenge that is only seen twice a year in the wild.

So real that it’s unreal, this Summer GRIT is a throwback to the OG deep fakes– when mythic beasts roamed the earth, when sailors told tales of the terrors of the deep, when the sirens sang their songs, each to each.

Set a distance goal for the month of July and traverse through deep wilderness, across the sands of time, or just around your suburban neighborhood while your neighbors attempt to capture grainy camera footage of the local weirdo. (In their defense, you showed up to the July 4th barbeque wearing 1-inch split shorts.)

A part of you will probably die, but all of you will rise from the ashes. (Unless you’re running through the wall of humidity in the Mid-Atlantic or deep South, then all bets are off.)

Level up throughout the month of July by hitting mileage tiers and collecting mythical creatures that only exist as Polaroids in the drawers of the X-Files office.

Cash in on some great swag, like an Asics summer tech tee, Believe headband (courtesy of Junk Headbands), and event sticker. Plus, every participant/character will be entered to win weekly shoe giveaways and incredible prize packs from Asics and Running Warehouse (sorry, no unicorn horns, we already ate them all in our run-up to the Boston Marathon).

This time around, we’re still honoring the beasts of burden who slay mountains and miles: one grand prize to the top elevation gainer for the month, and one grand prize to the person who racks up the most mileage for the month (proceed with caution).

Do you believe?


Run 25 – 300+ miles the month of July! Choose a distance goal. Run those miles. Get digital badges and a sense of incredible accomplishment. Be part of a community that stays together and celebrates our wins through the month of July.


July 1 – July 31, 2023.



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