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The Drop Running Podcast E99 (World Athletics Championships)

Normally, we stick to an intro paragraph and a guest paragraph, but all of the rules are out the window this week. For starters, Kofuzi sits in on our intro (and occasionally forgets he’s actually supposed to talk, too). We recap a wild week of running, drinking, and not a ton of sleep. Also, we loved to meet you all and go on some West Coast runs. Shoutout to Asics for making it all go down.

After the intro, we sprinkle in our one-on-one interviews from the week, which means appearances from tons of athletes. We’re talking about Sara Hall, Emma Bates, Johnny Gregorek, Van Allman, and Elkanah Kibet. It’s a fun one, that’s for sure.

Give the audio podcast a listen below, or head further down for our video intro.


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