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The Drop Running Podcast E98 (Ben Johnson)

We recorded this week’s episode while gearing up to head to Eugene, Oregon, for the World Athletics Championships. Before we got to Tracktown, we recapped Thomas and Meaghan running in some nasty southern humidity, as well as Robbe pulling a reverse raccoon and losing $20. As for shoes, this week we’ve got the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3. It’s a long name, but a good shoe, and a marathon-ready complement to the Takumi Sen 8.

Do we need to introduce our guest this week? Not really. Are we gonna do it anyway? Yeah. We’ve got Ben Johnson in the chair, resident runfluencer, occasional Believe in the Run contributor, and all-around great friend. Did you know he paced Meg to some of her fastest marathon times ever? You probably did, cause we’ve talked about it before. We talked to Ben for more than an hour, so there’s no point recapping the whole thing. Just have a listen.

Here’s the audio version, or you can head further down for video uploads of the intro as well as our interview with Ben.


Interview with Ben Johnson

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