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The Drop Running Podcast E94 (Tori Gerlach, Tinman Elite)

You like rambling? You got rambling. Our intro is as wild and untamed as it’s ever been, and you asked for it. We talk about a lot of things, including what color dinosaurs were (we don’t know), our summer reading lists (yeah, we can read), and even some shoes. More specifically, the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 and Speed 3, which are both freakin’ awesome. We let the rambling roll for like 45 minutes, so see if you can put up with it all.

After that, we have a little sit-down with the one and only Tori Gerlach of Tinman Elite. She’s the lone tinwoman on the squad, and she’s already a multi-time NCAA All-American and Olympic Trials qualifier. We get to chat about her partnership with Adidas, her professional goals, and a lot more. Also, she’s a Penn State product, which is cool for precisely one member of our team.

Give the audio podcast a listen below or head further down for the video version of our rambling intro.


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