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The Drop Running Podcast E88 (Kathy Derks, Marathoner)

Another week, another race win — at least if you’re Meg. We’re trying not to be jealous, but we chat about her win at the Frederick Half Marathon this week. Robbe also touches on his adventures in Florida, including being stung by a bee and the correct way to play scratch-offs. No, it has nothing to do with running, but we’ll get back to that. Eventually, we come around to talking about the Salomon Glide Max and the Allbirds Flyer, which is easily the best Allbirds running shoe yet.

Once you get through all of our malarkey, you can listen to us chat with Kathy Derks. We first met Kathy up in Boston after she ran a 2:34, good for 8th American. One thing led to another, and now we’re besties. We brought her back around to talk training, running, and achieving your Boston goals.

Give the audio podcast a listen below, or head even further down for the video version.


Interview with Kathy

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