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Trail • May 9, 2023

Scarpa Spin Planet Review: Right Round, Baby

scarpa spin planet cover

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What You Need To Know


10.2 oz. (290 g) for a Euro M42,

9.2 oz. (260 g) for a Euro W39

Stack Height / Drop

28.5 mm in heel, 24.5 mm in forefoot (4 mm drop)

Best For

Being a dirt-covered Disney Princess

Key Features

Loads of recycled materials, EXO upper, PRESA outsole

On The Run
Just enough foam underfoot Solid outsole grip Two-piece tongue that feels like a hug


The Intro

EMILY: Remember when that Scandinavian Disney chick with stress-induced Raynaud’s syndrome used her ice magic to run over an army of tidal waves? And then, girlfriend tussled with a psycho ocean stallion before spelunking her way into a mind-bending aha moment — all in bare feet!? Can you imagine what she could have done had she been wearing shoes? Specifically, the new Scarpa Spin Planet.

At my recent 50K in the green mountains of West Virginia, I laced into a frosty blue pair of Spin Planet trail shoes and kinda felt like Elsa the Arctic Ninja — despite the mud. Medium-high cushioning provided no-joke toe comfort during slick rocky descents, and a modest midsole flare offered defense against rolled ankles during the late-night miles on tired legs. Each 15.5-mile loop served up a smorgasbord of terrain, including a 600-foot rock scramble that had me giving a Leo DiCaprio-style toast to Scarpa for including multidirectional 4.5 mm lugs amid a grippy PRESA sole. But wait, there’s more — and for once, I’m not referring to hill repeats.

In alignment with Scarpa’s admirable brand-wide sustainability efforts, the Spin Planet boasts substantial recycled content throughout — talk about a running leap toward becoming a certified B Corporation. The breathable upper is made with 100% recycled content, the midsole with 45% recycled content, and the PRESA outsole with 30% recycled rubber. As someone who frequently pulls into aid stations with handfuls of deposited Gu wrappers I’ve found on the ground, it’s hard not to grin when wearing shoes whose carbon footprint is as disruptive as a fairy fart.

scarpa spin planet knit detail

The Good

EMILY: As a longtime fan of the Saucony Peregrine for its unshakable consistency (I still love that stinker) and, more recently, the Topo Athletic Pursuit for its ample toe-box and sticky soles, I truly believe that the two had a romantic encounter resulting in the Spin Planet. But all shoe sexscapades aside, this baby showed up every mucky step of the way.

I was admittedly skeptical about the 28.5 mm to 24.5 mm stack height, having run several trail ultras in zero drop shoes, but the 4 mm drop provided superb cushion and enhanced precision for six-plus hours of rollers, water crossings, downhill fancy footing, and beyond. I attribute this in part to the barely-there upper created with EXO construction, a trim design that anchors the tongue on one side and allows it to float on the other for a wrap style that feels like a hug. This was a huge bonus since so many shoes with roomier interiors that accommodate my invisible sixth toe have also left me sliding around unfettered and unsure of my footing. That’s not the case with the Spin Planet, which has just enough padding to provide support without threatening your hard-as-nails trail runner card. The effect is enhanced by responsive flex channels in the forefoot that help to distribute impact as your gait changes with the terrain.

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scarpa spin planet outsole detail

The Bad

EMILY: While providing a great ride, one hundred and sixty bones is not quite what I’d call a Disney Princess discount. But the Spin Planet performed beautifully, so I’ll keep my criticism to a minimum. It’s pretty standard for top-tier trail shoes these days. Nobody likes a whiner anyway.

Post-race cleanability was a practice in patience as the material, while recycled (yay), refused to let go of that last mile of crud I sloshed through, even after a rub down from Mr. Magic Eraser. I’m certainly not one to complain about the dirt, though — I like to run in it, dish it out and grow stuff in it — so if a lived-in looking trail shoe is the ultimate price to pay for a blister-free, smile-inducing race-day experience, sign me up.

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scarpa spin planet heel

Scarpa Spin Planet Conclusion

EMILY: I’m gearing up for a 70-miler this June, and the Scarpa Spin Planet has officially made the cut — just don’t tell Elsa. Scarpa’s eco-sensitive, balanced approach clearly culminated in a high-performing trail shoe with a sleek profile, capable of gnome-like dexterity while navigating technical terrain. With comprehensive gait-cycle responsiveness, moisture-wicking material, and a comfortably affectionate tongue (it legit hugs your foot), I’m already daydreaming about bounding (or scrambling) up and over Laurel Highlands’ tidal-wave trails.

You can pick up the Scarpa Spin Planet for $159 directly from Scarpa using the buttons below.

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