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Guest Running Shoe Review: Adidas Adipure Motion



I first came into contact with Believe in the Run through a google search for a review on Brooks Pure Connect. I have read every review they have posted, since then. I think one can come pretty far in a decision to buy a pair of shoes by only reading.  Especially by reading a review by someone who has been running in a given pair of shoes for a while. I didn’t buy the Brooks, but I did learn how to translate what the reviewer wrote into what I felt in the store somewhat. I ended up buying Adidas Adizero Adios (1 and 2) of which I now have four pairs of, all well worn. But I’m always on the hunt for a fun new shoe.

In this case I had been prepping up for my first marathon. I had several half marathons and 10k races behind me and the Adizero had done it’s job very well. Since I really didn’t know how my feet would fare in over 42 kilometers I went and bought Kinvara 3, thinking a softer sole would be good for me. The Kinvara didn’t feel right and I went back to the firmer Adizero (which I ran the marathon in, in the end) and I realized that, while I wouldn’t want to aim at complete minimalist style, I might like even firmer shoes than the Adizero. Enter Adidas Motion.


The Motion is one of three siblings in the Adipure line: Gazelle, Motion and Adapt.
This shoe has a stretchy top, with a durable, segmented firm fore sole, a drop of 8mm (Adapt: 4mm , Gazelle: 7mm). I have seen different drop data and haven’t measured myself though. It’s 212 grams light and I like how the stretchy top covers the foot. At first I was worried that it might make my big toe tender by pressing on it, this has not been a problem.

The heel cushioning is sufficient enough for those who land on the heel. I do, when I run steeper downhill. Otherwise I’m a midfoot to forefoot striker. The drop is perhaps a bit too much – for me. it would have been better to have it around 4 – 6, instead of 8. I have read, out there on the internet, that this would make a good transition shoe to a lower drop shoe and perhaps they are right. I will try out the Gazelle next to get a lower drop. But as I said, I’m not after a zero mm drop and all minimalist. I still want a shoe with structure and some cushioning. What I feel is important when running is a feeling of directness when landing. Too much plush and my foot doesn’t know what to do. When I feel my strike, my foot knows when to tense up and act as a spring. I don’t want to feel every pebble either. And I want the outer sole to last me more than 10 hours of running.

Adidas states the shoe is mimicking a natural running stride and if they mean barefoot running, yes I could agree. Barefoot running in a shoe (= support). After my runs my feet feel good with little fatigue.

The Kinvara 3 being too soft for me, the Motion is nice in its firmness. The Kinvara 3 is also very roomy in front (which I could contribute perhaps to a half size too large) – it sort of bundles up in front. I have a normal foot and I don’t splay too much when landing. The fore sole is thinner than the Adizero shoe but with a lower drop at 4mm.

So to sum up

The colors are crisp and clear, dirt washes off easily.
Non-removable inner sole, synthetic suede lining which is very nice actually.
Stretch top
8 mm drop
A hook/lock for the lace so it doesn’t come undone. Which it will if you forget it.
Light enough – 212 grams / 7.47 oz.

The good

I don’t feel them on when running. And when I feel them – I like what I feel!
Striking colors ( I have the blue and neon orange)
Natural running stride
Firm, without being hard – I can feel my strike

The cons

The synthetic stretch top does not ventilate as well as a grid mesh (no biggie though)
The lace comes undone constantly. The have a little “hook/loop” which you can fasten the lace in though.
Otherwise I don’t have much bad to say. It’s a very good shoe.

About The Running Shoe Reviewer: Vincent Hauser

I started running when I was 30 and I ran perhaps a maximum of 7 km per week for 10 years. Until I decided to quit the gym and step up the running. This year I have  three half marathons (Pb 1:53, goal sub 1:50), two 10 km (Pb 48 min, goal sub 45) races and one marathon planned and I run between 20 km to 70 km per week. My aim is running at least 1000 km this year (currently at 907 km so no problemo). My old Asics Gel Kayano are nowadays cut out to being perfect support for my washing machine feet so it doesn’t juggle  around when tumbling. When not running I paint and manage IT-consultants in Stockholm, Sweden.
You may also be interested in Runblogger’s take on the Adidas Adipure Adapt.


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