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Road • November 12, 2021

Best Brooks Running Shoes Right Now

best brooks running shoes

What You Need To Know

  • We break down our 8 best Brooks running shoes to date
  • From racing to tempo to slow days to trails, we got you covered
  • Any questions? Drop it in the comments. Otherwise, let’s get you educated.

NOTE: This is an ongoing list and is constantly updated to reflect our current opinion.

If you’re only going to do one thing, do it well. At least, that’s the model that Brooks seems to follow as it eats, sleeps, and breathes running shoes. On the bright side, that means you should be able to track down a pair of Brooks shoes no matter what you’re looking for. We’re here to help you “run happy” with our guide to the best Brooks Running Shoes you can buy.

The Seattle-based company got its start over 100 years ago making ballet flats and bathing shoes (I know, right?) in Philadelphia. It made the move towards running shoes in 1972, and today, running is all they do. The results speak for themselves. We may not all get to call ourselves Brooks Beasts (their elite running squad), but at least our picks can help you dream of greatness.

We’ve picked our top eight shoes to get you going on the road or trail, so let’s get into it.

hyperion elite 2

Brooks Running Shoes 101: What To Look For

Running shoes are packed with new types of technology every year, and that often means fancy new names. Brooks running shoes are no exception, and you might need a little bit of a linguistics lesson before you get shopping. Here’s a bit of basic information on Brooks’ most popular tech:

  • DNA Flash: Brooks’ newest nitrogen-infused midsole. It balances weight with energy return and should last 200-400 miles. It’s also what made the Hyperion Tempo and Hyperion Elite 2 better than the original Hyperion Elite.
  • DNA Loft: The softest foam you’ll find on a pair of Brooks running shoes. It’s typically used in a two-piece midsole, and you can find it on the Glycerin line.
  • DNA Zero: Advanced foam designed to adapt to you as a runner. Introduced on the original Hyperion Elite, and but scrapped shortly after for the much better DNA Flash.
  • BioMoGo DNA: Brooks’ adaptable midsole foam. Changes based on your surface, stride, and pace.
  • DNA Amp: Updated foam for better energy return, now 20% lighter than previous versions. Found on multiple Energize models like the Levitate 4.
  • GTS: In 2020, means “Go-To Shoe.” In 2021, means “Go-To Support,” as Brooks streamlines its stability models into existing mainstays (i.e. in 2021, there will be a Glycerin 19 and a Glycerin GTS 19).
  • GuideRails: Think of bowling alley bumpers for your feet. They stabilize your stride to cut down on excess motion. You can see GuideRails extending down the sides of Brooks’ Adrenaline line

The Best Brooks Running Shoes

• Hyperion Elite 2

Use: Race day, your best Des Linden impression | Drop: 8 mm | Price: $250

We’ve written extensively about the problems with the original Hyperion Elite, which makes it that much more exciting to recommend the Hyperion Elite 2. The DNA Zero midsole of the original is gone and fast forgotten, and DNA Flash is packed in its place. Brooks also beefed up the stack height by about 2 mm and the full-length carbon fiber plate helps to keep things in check. That said, it still weighs a nice 7.5 oz. for a US M9.0. 

The carbon fiber plate and the lightweight, breathable upper are the main holdovers from the original, and that’s just fine by us. Brooks claims that the DNA Zero should last between 200 and 400 miles, so you don’t really have to worry about saving these for special occasions. Overall, you’ll find a softer and more cushioned ride than a lot of other carbon-plated racers out there. Robbe called the original Hyperion Elite the “HE who shall not be named” more than once in our review, so it’s nice to call the sequel “the shoe who lived.”

Shop Hyperion Elite 2 Watch On YouTube

• Aurora BL

Use: Space-age training runs | Drop: 6 mm | Price: $200

You want funky? Well, Brooks has finally come up with something funky. The Aurora BL is a wild-looking trainer that’s deceptively fun to run in. It’s a solid bet if you want to turn some heads while you hit your weekly goals, even if it’s on the expensive side. Robbe, Thomas, and Meaghan all had some pretty high praise for the shoe once they got past the initial concerns over the style. The Aurora BL is thick enough for juicy long runs, but the DNA Loft v3 midsole is at its best when you decide to go fast.

The midsole itself is unique, and it looks like some giant marshmallows strapped to the bottom of your feet, but it really works. Just make sure that your sock game is on point because the mesh upper allows you to see right through to your foot. You may also want to go half a size down, as Robbe and Meaghan felt that the shoe runs a bit long.

Shop Aurora BL – Women Watch On YouTube

• Hyperion Tempo

brooks hyperion tempo hero

Use: Tempo or lightweight daily training | Drop: 8 mm | Price: $150

Remember how much we didn’t like the original Hyperion Elite? Well, the Hyperion Tempo is a perfect example of what it could have been. Where the Elite went for DNA Zero foam, the Tempo packed in the nitrogen-infused DNA Flash to the tune of far better results. The Hyperion Tempo is also feather-light, weighing in at 6.1 ounces for Meaghan’s W7.5.

Brooks’ DNA Flash foam really is the star of this show, and the blue glow is impossible to miss. It lends to a pair of sleek, simple colorways, throwing a wrench into the typical Brooks design. It runs as fast as it looks, but without sacrificing comfort. This baby can roll from daily training into tempo at the snap of a finger. Both Thomas and Meaghan called the Hyperion Tempo their favorite Brooks running shoe to date, and it’s one of Robbe’s top shoes of 2020.

Shop Hyperion Tempo – Men Shop Hyperion Tempo – Women Watch On YouTube

• Ghost 14

brooks ghost 14 - best brooks running shoes

Use: Comfy, cushioned road runs | Drop: 12 mm | Price: $130

We’re past the superstitious 13th version, and number 14 is even better. The Brooks Ghost has been kicking around for more than a decade, and it’s a perfect example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Somehow, Brooks made the upper even more comfortable, and the entire midsole is DNA Loft after a few years of mixing the foams.

While some shoes fall victim to overthought uppers that cook your feet, the Ghost 14 is light and plush for an overall fun run. Our reviewer Adrienne reconnected with the Ghost last year for number 13, and she had just as much to enjoy in the Ghost 14. However, it’s not really a rock the boat kind of shoe — what you see is what you’re gonna get.

Shop Ghost 14 – Men Shop Ghost 14 – Women

• Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 - 2020 Running Shoes

Use: The Go-To Shoe, daily training | Drop: 12 mm | Price: $130

We’ll be completely honest here — we haven’t actually reviewed the newest Adrenaline GTS 21. However, it’s another example of Brooks sticking with what works. The overall shape and structure are the same as the Adrenaline 20, but the BioMoGo foam is gone in favor of a full DNA Loft midsole. Austin had his issues with the midsole drop of the Adrenaline 20, but Brooks hasn’t adjusted anything on the latest version.

One look at this Brooks running shoe, and you’ll see that it’s a who’s who of stability tech. Brooks packed GuideRails, a segmented crash pad, and even a 3D Fit Print upper to keep you churning out the miles. While the Adrenaline GTS 21 (which stands for Go-To Shoe) may not be the one to grab for speed, it should serve you well on long, slow recovery days.

Shop Adrenaline GTS 21 – Men Shop Adrenaline GTS 21 – Women

• Levitate 5

brooks levitate 5 best brooks running shoes

Use: Short road miles | Drop: 8 mm | Price: $150

The Brooks Levitate 5 is a pretty great post-pandemic shoe. After all, version four got us through the darkest days of 2020. It comes in approximately 47 different configurations, but sometimes the simplest one is best. You can choose between traditional uppers and more sock-like options, and the DNA AMP midsole sits on top of some of the best grip around.

The foam means that the ride is on the firm side, but Austin will paint a different picture if you just ask him. He’s been a Levitater since the first edition, and he can attest to the improved responsiveness of the new model. Brooks says the new, revamped DNA Amp is 20% lighter than before, but you’ll have to try them on and find out for yourself.

Shop Levitate 5 – Men Shop Levitate 5 GTS – Men Shop Levitate 5 – Women Shop Levitate 5 GTS – Women

• Revel 4

Brooks REvel 5 - best Brooks Shoes

Use: Daily training on a budget | Drop: 8 mm | Price: $100

There’s something to be said for a reliable trainer that doesn’t bust the budget. For Brooks, the Revel 5 is still that shoe. Unlike a number of daily trainers, the Revel 5 keeps things light and springy, and the Fit Knit upper molds nicely to your foot as you break it in. Robbe went so far as to call it his favorite Brooks trainer — outside of the Aurora BL, of course.

Overall, the consensus was that the Revel 5 is good for “blue-collar miles at non-union wages.” Basically, you can let ‘er rip and it won’t hurt too bad when you need a new pair. It even relies on a similar outsole to the previous version, so the arrow pattern should have you bouncing from one foot to the next with a smile on your face. The 8 mm drop is also more reasonable for most people.

Shop Revel 5 – Men Shop Revel 5 – Women

• Glycerin 19

brooks glycerin 19 copy 2

Use: Road training | Drop: 10 mm | Price: $150

Last year, the Brooks Glycerin 18 became old enough to vote. In 2021, it’s one year closer to drinking age. The Glycerin 19 retains that luxurious, runnin’-on-marshmallows ride in a sturdy package. That plush feel is, of course, due to a full-length DNA Loft midsole that yet again sets the bar high for cushioned daily trainers. Our reviewers compared it to the HOKA ONE ONE Mach 4 and Torin 4.5 Plush, but they said it’s a touch more responsive. The outsole is covered in rubber for good traction to keep you confident with your feet in the clouds.

Looking at the upper, a super breathable mesh and gusseted tongue provides solid lockdown and wrap around feel. It’s plain soft, with a liner in the heel to further build on the comfort factor. The Glycerin 19 is a cushy but not mushy daily trainer that Adrienne compared to riding in a Mercedes G-Wagon.

Shop Glycerin 19 – Men Shop Glycerin 19 – Women

• Catamount

brooks catamount lateral

Use: Trails, trails, and more trails | Drop: 6 mm | Price: $160

Remember how we just finished talking about the beautiful blue DNA Flash on the Hyperion Tempo? Well, it’s back and this time it’s ready to hit the trails. Your best bet to go off-road with Brooks is the Catamount (sorry, Cascadia). Other than the Brooks badge, the two have basically nothing in common. The TrailTack rubber and DNA Flash midsole are just the right combo that made us want to keep the Catamount on forever.

If you’re one to document new running shoes on the ‘gram or elsewhere, be sure to grab your pictures ahead of time. The Catamount is one sleek looking shoe with blue foam and a gum outsole, but someone decided to make this high-tech trail shoe in white and only white. There’s a good chance that it’ll be white for all of five minutes out of the box, but you’ll be too busy enjoying the run. (FWIW we think it looks badass all muddied up.)

Shop Catamount – Men Shop Catamount – Women

How We Make Our Picks

If we could let our toes do the typing, we would. We get tons of shoes through the doors here at Believe in the Run, and we let our own experiences guide the list. Of course, we also consider other reviews and our beloved Believe in the Run community as we make our picks. We try to limit ourselves to picking shoes that you can currently buy, as they’re kinda useless otherwise.


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  1. Jorge says:

    Hey Jared, any recommendation for really really wide and flat feet? I tried Altra Torin 3.5 Knit and Hoka One One Bondi 7 X-Wide (4E) and both of them where actually too narrow on the midfoot (narrow enough that after walking with them I end with red pressure marks on my soles due to them sitting on top of the outsole).

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