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General Running • June 9, 2021

Q&A With PWURE Athletes Sisson, Fauble, and Droddy

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This post is sponsored content in partnership with PWURE.
PWURE, the data-based sports nutrition company, welcomed three of the United States’ top long-distance runners – Emily Sisson, Scott Fauble and Noah Droddy – as its newest investors and athlete brand ambassadors.  
Using a proprietary methodology developed by athletes for athletes, PWURE individually formulates personalized, data-driven pre and post-workout shake blends for athletes of all levels engaged in endurance sports and activities. I mean, it actually takes your Strava data (or your own user-submitted data) and builds customized formulas and recommendations for your training. And instead of a bunch of ingredients you can’t understand (i.e. tons of f**king sugar), PWURE consists of clean, all-natural ingredients designed to be used as part of their training and recovery regimen to help achieve their goals and personal records. 
“PWURE is both honored and proud to have such accomplished athletes as investors and ambassadors for our up-and-coming sports nutrition brand,” said Hadrien Royal, PWURE’s co-founder and CEO. “Unlike other brands who create individualized products only for professional athletes, PWURE uses the same data-driven, personalization that goes into developing formulations for world-class athletes such as Emily, Noah and Scott’s mixtures as it does for all of our customers.”
Believe in the Run recently got a chance to talk with Emily, Noah and Scott about PWURE as well as check in on their running lives.

Q: So… how’s your running going?

NOAH: Running is going fine! I’m in the early stages of a marathon training block, just enjoying getting out the door everyday and enjoying the process of getting better at something.

SCOTT: It’s going well, kind of in a down period as I build towards a Fall Marathon.

Q: What are your plans for 2021?

NOAH: My big plan is a fall marathon (TBA), I’ll fill my schedule in with some road races before then, but I haven’t committed to anything quite yet.

SCOTT: I’d like to run a few races over the summer in the 10k to half marathon range and then hunker down with 6-8 really good weeks of work before a Fall Marathon.

Q: Looking back over the last decade, how has running changed your life?

NOAH: That’s a big question because running has changed everything about my life. Where I live, who I’m marrying, what I dedicate most of my energy to, has all been influenced by the commitment I made to running.

SCOTT: Oh man, how hasn’t it changed it? I guess mostly it’s provided me an awesome education and now my dream job.

EMILY: Running has changed my life in many ways but probably the most notable are the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve gained. Both have shaped who I am and I am incredibly thankful for that!

Q: What’s one tip you wish someone would’ve told you about when you were younger?

NOAH: I feel like I’ve learned all the important lessons when I needed to. I think as I get older, I need to remind myself more consistently to enjoy what I’m doing, and be present in the process. I realize I’m in the latter half of my elite running career, so I just want to continue to be mindful of what a privilege it is to do what I do.

SCOTT: I guess one tip I wish I would have known when I was younger was to look at running holistically. It’s not enough to just run a lot, this is a full-life endeavor.

EMILY: It’s very cliche but one tip would probably be to not put as much pressure on myself and to enjoy the process more! I don’t feel pressure from others really but I hold myself and my work ethic to such high standards that I have sometimes needed the reminder that I’m doing my very best and that is good enough! My younger self definitely needed to hear that!

Q: How does nutrition play a part in your training?

NOAH: Nutrition is the cornerstone to everything. You won’t be able to perform or recover well if you aren’t adequately fueled. You’re only going to get out of your body what you put in.

SCOTT: Nutrition is huge. It would be impossible to train well and recover without adequate nutrition.

EMILY: Nutrition plays a huge role in my training because when I am running 90-100 miles per week, how I fuel becomes pretty critical. If I’m not fueling enough or fueling with poor quality nutrition, my recovery will be affected!

Q: You use PWURE as part of your fueling strategy. How/why does it work for you?

NOAH: I sometimes use a pre-workout formula if I need a little extra pep, but I always have a post-workout recovery shake. It’s important to get nutrients in as close to the end of a workout as possible. The post-workout formula makes that easy and convenient. It sits well in my stomach, and I use it with confidence knowing my formula has been designed with my specific training load in mind.

SCOTT: Yes, I do. I like Pwure because it makes my fueling and recovering so much easier. It has everything I need, in the right doses, and nothing I don’t. It really rakes some variables out of the equation.

EMILY: I’ve always had a really sensitive stomach with pre and post-workout drinks, and with Pwure the products digest so easily! The Post Workout drink has that perfect ratio of carbs to protein and if you study the nutrition labels of most protein drinks they actually don’t have that 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. So I think that’s pretty awesome!

Q: How can PWURE benefit non-professional runners?

NOAH: We’re all out there doing the same thing, whether you’re professional or not. If you’re passionately chasing your running goals, PWURE is one more tool to help you improve on the margins. The beauty of personalized nutrition formulas is that you won’t be drinking mine, you’ll be getting exactly what you need for your workload.

SCOTT: Look, it’s personalized, so you aren’t going to get the same formula as I am. And that’s good. We have different bodies and different exercise habits and different needs. 

EMILY: PWURE can benefit anyone who trains because we all need to recover and fuel well to get the best out of ourselves! I personally feel a lot better when I take the Post Workout pretty immediately after a tough workout.

Q: Why did you choose to become an investor with PWURE?

NOAH: I’m excited about the possibilities of personalized sports nutrition. I think we’re all looking for little ways to improve, always looking for an edge. Knowing that I’m getting exactly what I need, and nothing I don’t is comforting. I think other people will feel the same way.

SCOTT: The people. I really trust the people behind the brand!

EMILY: I chose to become an investor because I genuinely loved the product for myself! Having always struggled, I tried Pwure right away and knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Q: Last question: Favorite binge-worthy show right now?

NOAH: Schitt’s Creek was our last big binge, I was definitely sad to see it end.

SCOTT: I’m watching a show from a few years ago called Bored To Death with Ted Danson, Jason Schwartzman, and Zac Galifinakis.

EMILY: I watch a new one every week nearly but just finished “Who Killed Sara?”—I need someone to explain that ending to me! But I’ve also been enjoying Ted Lasso.

You can read our review of PWURE Nutrition here.



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