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Running Apparel • October 29, 2020

Janji Fall 2020 Collection Review

ROBBE: This isn’t the first time we’ve reviewed Janji, so I probably don’t need to give you the full rundown, so I’ll keep it short. For those new to the brand, Janji is one of those socially-minded companies that provides quality gear while giving back to causes it cares about. In their case, it’s clean water initiatives around the globe. They’re also super intentional about working with artists from different backgrounds and elevating their profiles by incorporating their designs into the Janji pieces, as you’ll see below. Putting all this together over time, the brand has certainly built a cult following, both for their bold designs and intimate community of runners in the Janji Collective.

All that to say, they really stepped up their game for Fall 2020. This collection is some of the best pieces we’ve seen from the brand, most notably the Mercury Knit Jogger and Circuit Hoodie. We’re excited to share our thoughts on all of them below.

ADRIENNE: Shame on me for sleeping on Janji. For those like me, who are addicted to Tracksmith and don’t venture out on other brands much, Janji is worth trying out and is worth the cash. Why? Because this company puts purpose to performance clothing-the purpose of clean water access to be exact. It’s a simple, yet vital need we take for granted here in the U.S. of A.


Rainrunner Pack Jacket

janji fall 2020

ROBBE: If you’ve ever run in a jacket, you know that battle is real between breathability vs. utility. Janji has figured it out. The fully waterproof Rainrunner allows you to live up to its name without feeling like a sweaty mess. I took this out in a steady rain in the upper 50’s and the breathability was exceptional thanks to its open back panels and incredibly lightweight shell. The scuba hood locks down around the face (though I wouldn’t hate to have a cinch cord in future versions for extra security). Additionally, the back hem extends longer so you don’t get a plumber’s crack deluge, and the sleeves are a bit longer to protect your hands. Did I mention this burnt orange color block looks incredible? Cause it does.

PRICE: $196

Shop Rainrunner


janji fall 2020


ALDREN: My standards for running shorts are as high as I like my inseam. Usually, I wouldn’t even run a double in shorts more than 3” but the 5” AFO Middle Short swayed my opinion. With the Cape Town artists MRS + MR LUKE’s Geo-Refraction print, these shorts stand out in any socially distanced group run. I’d like to highlight how thin and light they feel in hand. The breathability and style in these shorts are long enough to keep me covered, but light enough to keep me competitive. The 5” AFO Middle Short has one pocket inside the shorts and a zipper pocket in the back for your own convenience.

PRICE: $64

Shop AFO Short

Groundwork Flyby Tight

janji fall 2020

ALDREN: The first thing I noticed about the Flyby Tight from Janji are the pockets (kiss your grandpa’s cargo pants goodbye). The vast amount of storage space with these pockets out-do any added running baggage you could carry. There are two internal waistband pockets for small items like a card or keys, two side pockets large enough for your phone but tight enough to minimize any bounce, and a large backside pocket for your nutrition needs. I did a few warm-ups in these tights, but this Florida fall weather has been very unforgivingly humid so far. Once the temps drop below 70°F, these are the first pair of tights I’m grabbing. I’d also like to note that there is no zipper at the bottom. Instead, there’s a tight elastic for an easy slip-on/slip off.

ROBBE: Holy crap, someone finally made a men’s tight with stretch side pockets so I don’t have to jam my phone into a t00-small back pocket. That alone is enough for me to pull the trigger on these. Like Aldren said, thank you Janji for actually thinking of creative storage that actually works. Add-in that they’re insanely comfortable and warm, and this will be my go-to tight during the winter months. (NOTE: I usually wear a small but these were definitely too small, so I sized up to a medium.)

PRICE: $88

Shop Flyby Tight

Mercury Track Pant

ROBBE: This is a new pant from Janji, and perfect for someone who’s looking for something between a full-on tight and a jogger. The mercury knit fabric is crazy soft (Janji says they’re “lightly peached on both sides,” whatever that means) with a 4-way stretch and a nice, flat, comfortable waistband. I love the zip hand pockets and back stash pocket, as well as the flat hems around the ankles. Finally, the thermoregulation fabric provides plenty of warmth on the run, or if you’re just lounging around in the wintertime.

PRICE: $88

Shop Transit Pant

Transit Tech Pant

janji fall 2020


ALDREN: Transit Tech isn’t new from Janji. Adding this specific material to a pair of bottoms creates a very versatile, weather-resistant necessity. The Transit Pant is a do-all, everyday wear that can handle easy runs on the beach and technical runs through some trails. The minimal elastic around the waist didn’t get in the way and I’ll be surprised if you need it. They’re snug! The Transit Pant is streamlined and secure. The pants have two side zipper pockets and a small (yet surprisingly deep) key zipper pocket just in case you’re carrying more than your other two pockets can hold. The pants are cuffed at the bottom for an effortless on or off style.

ROBBE: This is the first time I’ve worn the Transit Tech pant, and boy, I’m in love. No joke, I’ve pretty much just worn these every day since I’m working from home, and I have zero regrets. They can work on the run if you don’t like the nut-hugging you get in typical tights, but they also work exceptionally well for everyday use. It’s a great piece of apparel that won’t be leaving my wardrobe anytime soon.

PRICE: $88

Shop Transit Pant

Circuit Hoodie (Unisex)

janji fall 2020

ALDREN: As soon as the weather hits below 75°F, or 24°C for everyone not in the United States (or 297.039K for you chemists out there), my clothing only consists of sweaters, pullovers, and hoodies. The Unisex Circuit Hoodie will be added to my cold weather collection this fall. Built from a 2-ply enhancing thermo-regulating material, this dandelion colored hoodie kept me warm during some windy morning runs and cozy for my post workout coffee. The hoodie is finished off with a large middle pocket and a slightly smaller zipped up pocket inside it, which is big enough to fit my phone and key.


Shop Circuit Hoodie

RunTerra LS Tee

janji fall 2020

ALDREN: As someone who lives in Florida, I run in long sleeve tops a lot more than you would think. The Runterra LS Tee introduces this incredibly soft cotton-poly blend that will keep you warm even on your chilliest runs. After a few sunny morning runs, this shirt held most of my sweat but dried off after only an hour while hung up. This purple, or as Janji lists as “Astral” top, inches me a little closer to my Waluigi costume for Halloween. The odor resistant fabric is a perfect way to finish off this long sleeve.

PRICE: $62

Shop Runterra LS


Swift Tech LS Tee

janji fall 2020

ADRIENNE: This Merino and Polygiene (it prevents bacteria, y’all) fabric is incredibly comfortable and provides just the right amount of contouring without being constrictive or awkward. Trust me, my long-torsoed self has had trouble with awkward-fitting tops – and I was immediately pleased with the fit when I tried it on. It’s also very warm but breathes. Having a piece that can serve both as a base layer of a stand-alone top is useful. This quick-drying fabric is also designed with sustainability in mind as washing after every use is not required. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one. 

Also, with the Alpine-inspired styling, I felt fashionable as I warmed up and cooled down in this piece before my first Fall race of the season. I would have no reservations rocking this on a long run when the Texas temps allow for it.

PRICE: $66

Shop Swift Tee

3″ AFO Middle Short

ADRIENNE: A 3” inseam has always been my go-to. Anything shorter, I feel weird. Anything longer, I look like your frumpy Aunt Karen headed to jazzercise. I slipped these on and they were weightless. I knew I was going to have a good run in them, and they look pretty darn nice too. Finished off with an updated waistband that also feels barely-there, two storage pockets and a built-in brief provide all the performance you need for any kind of run. I plan on taking these on all types of runs, and the back-zip pocket can carry all the fuel and essentials I need. My one critique is my women’s M seemed to run a tad large. Not a deal-breaker, but I did need to roll the waistband once to get a better fit. I also appreciate the color name, “steadfast midnight.”

PRICE: $60

Shop AFO Short

Groundwork Tight

janji fall 2020

ADRIENNE: All the best things about yoga pants with a more structured and visible design. A yoga-inspired waist seems to disappear on the run and keep the tights from the dreaded late-run sagging effect. I usually rate my tights on how many pockets they have, and this one has five (and they still won’t sag, I tried!). I was able to slide my phone, a gel, and a debit card for the all-important post-run coffee and everything fits flush in the pockets. Like many of Janji’s other pieces, these tights dry quickly and wick away moisture-even for sweat queens like yours truly. I also like the 7/8 length. For me, they sit right above the ankle and have more than adequate coverage for the conditions in my part of the world. The Groundwork tight also has a supportive fit without feeling restrictive.

PRICE: $88

Shop Groundwork Tight

Circuit Jogger

janji fall 2020


ADRIENNE: First, a self-plug; this is the perfect pairing with the BITR Thames Crewneck. But this jogger also looks good paired with the Swift Tech Mock neck as I rocked both postrace. I love joggers, always have and they are a necessity for fall/winter racing for me – or just hanging out watching Netflix. So far, this is my favorite pair. Tapered legs without the extra baggy thigh area and cuffed for ease of removal or putting on. Dare I say they are flattering? A two-ply organic cotton design both wicks away moisture and keeps the elements out at cool-weather races. Deep zippered pockets complete the functional design. Perfect for the warmup and cooldown, you’ll look as cool and comfortable as you feel in the Circuit Joggers.

PRICE: $96

Shop Circuit Jogger

Multipass Sling Bag

janji fall 2020ADRIENNE: Fanny packs have been making a bit of a comeback, but I’m still not interested. That being said, I’ll wear a sling bag (note: fanny fans, fear not, this bag can serve that purpose too). Water-resistant, large capacity (like I can fit a change of clothes or a water bottle in it), and it actually stays in place. Run commuters will appreciate this bag as it does not slide across your body on the run nor chafe. A reflective cross strap contributes to added visibility. This bag accompanied me to my last event, and I was able to place everything I needed in it. Also, organized pockets make things easy to locate versus the days of just throwing stuff in a spike bag. Roomy, sophisticated, and versatile, this was an accessory I didn’t know I needed.

ROBBE: I’ve actually had this bag since last December (this is the updated iteration), and it’s one of my favorite things. Living in a city, I will often use it if I need to run to the store to grab a couple things. It looks cool, works great, and is a great all-around accessory. I’ve even worn it on the front of my chest on bikepacking trips, for quick retrieval of items while riding.

PRICE: $48

Shop Multipass Bag

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