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Tracksmith Running Apparel Review (Spring 2018)

Women’s Tracksmith Gear

Meaghan: If you’ve read any of our reviews on Tracksmith clothing, you know that Thomas and I are both big fans. The new 2018 Spring gear did not disappoint. I received the Bell Lap Top, Session Jacket and Session shorts.

Bell Lap Top

The Bell Lap Top is designed for race day, which is exactly why I wanted it. I’m aiming for a Half Marathon PR in May, and what better way to start the training cycle than with a new race top? It’s a crop top designed with a micro-nylon and elastane blend, complete with Tracksmith’s signature sash. The sides and back are made up of their Bravio Blend, which is a lightweight mesh that has a little more stretch and breathability, perfectly placed where sweat collects. It’s really comfortable and perfect for warmer weather. I opted for an X-Small and it fits perfectly. Snug, but not constricting.

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Session Shorts

Onto the Session shorts. These guys are a wee bit short for my liking, but they’re still a quality short. The fabric is amazing. It’s super soft and silky. They’re not too snug through the thigh, which I prefer. I opted for a size Small and they fit well (outside of me preferring a longer length). They’re also UV protective, which is cool. While I prefer (and love) my Van Cortland shorts, if you like a shorter length, give these a try.

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Tracksmith Session Jacket

Session Jacket

The Sessions Jacket is my favorite running jacket, ever. It’s extremely comfortable, stretchy, lightweight and works in all sorts of weather.  I wore it when the temperates were in the high 30’s up to the high 50’s. It keeps you warm like a typical windbreaker, but breathes well enough that you don’t have to worry about overheating  – there are airy mesh panels under the arms and down the sides. The jacket also comes with two zipper pockets, perfect for a key or credit card and a light hood if you’re headed out in the rain. I went with a size Small and it fits really well. There’s enough room to wear a shirt underneath but doesn’t feel too loose. This is a must-have from the Tracksmith lineup.

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Men’s Tracksmith Gear

Thomas: Yes, you could say I am a little bit of a Tracksmith fanboy. Their brand story resonates with me and the quality is top-notch.

Tracksmith Fells Shortsleeve

Fells Short Sleeve

So at first glance, you might think this shirt is a throwback to a 1970’s tennis club shirt. Tracksmith states the henley is inspired by rowing shirts that were used in Chariots of Fire. When we unpacked the products from Tracksmith, I wasn’t sure I was going to like the top. After a couple runs it became one of my favorites. The cut is athletic without being too tight. I wore my regular size medium and it fits well. The textured tech fabric is an ideal weight for Spring running, and you wouldn’t guess that unbuttoning the neck would make a big difference in cooling you off, but it works. The style definitely ups your fancy AF profile. The perfect look for running the links at Bushwood.

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TRACKSMITH twighlight short

Twilight Split Shorts

These be TINY! You want a short that is almost a Speedo, then pick these. I like short shorts, but these were making me blush. So while these are a great option for race day, I prefer the Van Cortland short, still short but somehow don’t feel like everything is hanging out. The one advantage the Twilight Split has over the Van Cortland is the amount of storage in the inside lower back pockets. There is enough room to carry at least three gels, making these shorts ideal for long races.

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Tracksmith Session Jacket

Session Jacket

We run every season, and Spring on the east coast can be one of the trickiest to gear up for. One morning the temps will be in the 40º F and the next day be in the high 60ºs. This has me standing in front of my gear, checking the Weather Channel app, and trying to figure out what I will need to wear to be comfortable but not too hot. The Session Jacket is perfect for these days. The jacket’s fabric is about the same weight as a long sleeve tech-shirt. The beauty is in the function of the zipper. When you start to warm up you can regulate your temp like a thermostat. Typically, you have to make a choice when you have layers on, take it off and hope that you don’t start catching a chill, or leave it on and sweat. Once you peel off a layer the sweat starts to cool and there is no going back. The Session Jacket lets you cool off with the option of zipping back up if the wind picks up or temps drop. The light hood can help protect against wind or just add some extra warmth. Thumbs up.

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