believe in the run

We’re here to bring hope to a running world full of stale reviews and cardboard character.

For over ten years, from barefoot running to HOKA cushioning, we’ve provided our readers with straightforward reviews that spell out the nerdy specs, while breaking it all down to the basics.

We don’t care if you’re a running shoe geek or first-time 5k runner; our mission is simple- we strive to provide honest reviews that runners can trust when making their gear choices. We don’t pull any punches when it comes to getting you the real details about running gear. Unlike some reviewers, we put in between 20-80 miles in every shoe we test. Because, shockingly, running shoes should be run in. With reviewers across the U.S., we’re able to test our shoes in a variety of conditions and terrains. It’s that kind of authenticity that our readers have come to expect.

So come join us, subscribe, and become a Believer in the church of the run.

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Thomas Neuberger

Editor & Founder

Thomas is the founder of Big Run Media, Believe In The Run, and the Faster Bastards. The sport has brought an enormous amount of joy to my life, and I hope that we can help you with your running journey. My mission is to get everyone running. It is always better when you have the right gear. We can help you with that.

Meaghan Murray

Lead Contributor

Meaghan is the co-founder of Big Run Media and self-described casual contributor to Believe In The Run. She’s always busy tearing up the promenade on Baltimore’s waterfront early in the morning.

Robbe Reddinger

Review Coordinator and Lead Contributor

Robbe is the main editor, review coordinator, punch-up writer, and web devleoper for Believe In The Run. He lives with his wife and two boys in Baltimore and likes running in weird places.

Erin Surette

Mid-Atlantic Road and Trail Contributor

Erin is our resident female trail runner and enjoys running ultras all over the East Coast, in addition to the roads in her hometown of Baltimore.

Jarrett Weisberg

Road and Wide Shoe Contributor

As the wide-shoe reviewer for BITR, Jarrett is on a never-ending search for the Cinderella shoe to fit his Yeti feet. He currently lives in Baltimore where he enjoys running roads and trails with November Project and Faster Bastards. He also loves craft beer, donuts, and pretending to be elite in his NormaTec boots.

Meghan Manois

West Coast Road Contributor

West Coast Meghan has been an avid runner since the age of 4. She loathes the easy aerobic run and would rather destroy her lungs (and legs) by running fast in circles. Alas, not every day can be a speed day for an endurance athlete.

Austin Bonds

Southern Road and Trail Contributor

Austin, who lives north of Atlanta, is also a husband, father, and writer. He loves Christopher Nolan films, NBC sitcoms, peanut M&M’S, and a good playlist for long runs.

Taylor Bodin

Rocky Mountain Trail Contributor

Taylor Bodin is a trail and ultrarunner living in Estes Park, CO, with his wife and daughter. He and his wife both love running the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. When not running, Taylor is a Kindergarten/1st grade teacher, running coach, and youth leader for his church.

Matt Imberman

Northeast Road and Trail Contributor

Matt is an ultra-runner who lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and daughter. He is the founder of Brooklyn Distance Running, a coaching practice to help runners become fitter, faster, and more focused. When he’s not tearing up Prospect Park, he’s out in the Catskills getting dirty on the trails.

Dave Ames

Ame For It Run Coaching Contributor

Dave Ames is the Owner and Founder of Ame For It Run Coaching, a worldwide run coaching service working with runners 1-on-1 for over 17 years to help them achieve big goals in both running and life. In the past, he’s worked for both Newton Running and Skechers Performance. Dave currently coaches BITR founder Thomas and has worked with Meaghan in the past.

Adrienne Langelier

Sport Psychology Contributor

Adrienne has been a runner since the age of 12 and a sport psychology consultant for the past 10+ years. As a writer, she was a key contributor to Kara Goucher’s book “Strong”. She lives in Texas where she loves to run cross country when she gets the chance.

Patrick Fellows

Deep South Contributor

Coach, chef, shepherd, race director, triathlete, dad, husband and writer from Baton Rouge, La. Spent 8 years working in the running business. He owns FRESHJUNKIE restaurants and is co-owner of FRESHJUNKIE Racing which owns and produces The Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathons. He likes wearing speedos. Check out his blog here.